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How Do You Know If Your AC Compressor Is Not Working?

How Do You Know If Your AC Compressor Is Not Working?

Being an AC user, you would know the importance of a well-functioning compressor in determining the life of your summer buddy. However, there comes a time when you notice certain changes in your AC, but it is just hard to find the root cause.

Do you find yourself in a similar position? Keep on reading as this blog is for you!

4 Signs Your AC Compressor Has Stopped Working

The compressor is the boss of your AC unit, which circulates refrigerant within the system while also ensuring consistent and effective cooling. When the AC compressor stops working, it puts the entire system at risk of overworking and even breakdown.

Here are the four signs indicating your AC compressor has stopped working:

  • Inconsistent Cooling

Some people may label their AC as ‘moody’ because of uneven cooling. This may be a result of dirty/clogged coils and filters. However, it displays seriousness when the problem persists despite the AC cleaning and repairs.

This is when you know that the problem may be in the compressor’s inability to distribute the refrigerant equally and continually resulting in unnoticed refrigerant leakage.

  • Strange Noises

The strange noises you may hear as your cooling system starts are usually the result of a buzzing AC compressor with trouble turning on. In addition, clicking sounds at the start of the AC system indicate issues with the start capacitor. Thus, if you hear such strange noises in the outside unit of your AC, calling a licensed technician to get your AC compressor replaced shall be considered a wise decision.

  • Warm Air

Since your AC’s compressor is responsible for evenly distributing the refrigerant, the presence of warm air is indicative of a malfunctioned AC compressor. Warm air is not only irritating but also harmful to your AC’s life.

That being said, you should not delay scheduling a session for AC repair in Frisco with an experienced HVAC service provider.

  • Frequent Cycling

A well-functioning AC would not cycle in a less than five minutes interval period. It is short cycling if it turns on and off way too frequently. Short cycles make your summer companion work harder and heat up more than it should.

Thus, frequent cycling in your AC is one serious indicator of a malfunctioned compressor. There are plenty of HVAC companies offering air conditioning repair services in Frisco, TX. So getting your compressor unit replaced in time would be ideal. It will not only save your system from breaking down but doing so will also decrease the skyrocketing of your electricity bills. Although annual maintenance of your cooling system can increase the lifespan of the AC compressor, refrain from ignoring the afore-mentioned signs and symptoms as that can lead to the ultimate system burnout.

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