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What Are Common Problems With Air Conditioners?

What Are Common Problems With Air Conditioners?

In Frisco, air conditioning is a must, and life may become intolerable if your air conditioner breaks down. Because air conditioning systems are highly sophisticated, it’s no surprise that they can fail in variously ways. It’s critical to keep your air conditioner in good working order by performing routine maintenance. It’s also a good idea to be familiar with some of the most frequent issues that can arise with your air conditioner. While you may solve some of them yourself, many may require assistance from AC repair in Frisco.

Here Are Some Things to Ask That Will Help You Maintain Your Air Conditioner Running Efficiently Throughout The Summer –

  • Clogged AC filter

A blocked or dirty filter is one of the most common causes of air conditioner failure. Some are used once a month, others three times a year, while some are reusable and should be cleaned when they become soiled. Checking if any light passes through a filter to see if it needs to be cleaned is one technique to tell. It’s time to clean it if it isn’t already. Filters that are dirty not only restrict airflow but can also cause the air conditioner to freeze.

  • Thermostat Issues

Your ancient dial-type thermostats may be poorly calibrated, which means your air conditioner isn’t getting the necessary instructions from the control system. By replacing or recalibrating your thermostats, you may easily solve this problem. If you have recently purchased programmable thermostats, they can be difficult to program and set incorrectly. If the problem persists, AC repair in Frisco can help you further.

  • Difficulties With Fans

With the use of a fan, air is blown over the evaporator coil of your unit to cool it, and another blows air over the condenser of your outdoor unit to discharge the absorbed heat outside the building. You’ll have poor airflow and air conditioner troubles if any of those fans aren’t working, which could be due to a malfunctioning motor, lack of oil, worn belts, or too much dirt and debris.

  • Freeze-Dried Evaporator Coil

Because of a frozen evaporator coil, your air conditioner can cease working when your air conditioner doesn’t have enough air to operate, the evaporator coil freezes. Your air conditioner may freeze and cease working if the evaporator coil freezes. Ice sheets can build up on the coil at times. Sometimes, sheets of ice will form on the coil. The coil becomes encrusted in ice over time, preventing the refrigerant in the coil from absorbing latent heat. Due to this, the smooth operation of the air conditioner is disrupted.

Having An Issue With Your Air Conditioner?

Before the summer heat sets in, make an appointment with Top HVAC for maintenance or repairs and make sure that your air conditioner is in good working order. We offer affordable AC repair in Frisco for your convenience, allowing you to avoid dealing with common air conditioning issues.

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