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Home Standby Generator

For our Valued Customers,

“Your health and well-being is our top priority and as well manage the impacts the coronavirus(COVID-19) is having on our lives. With new solutions for homeowners to help redefine the customer experience from appointment, to installation and inspection. We have implemented a couple of options in order to take the appropriate steps to minimize contact with our homeowners. We have serviced the Dallas- Fort Worth area and surrounding, markets for over 10 years. We are uniquely qualified to provide you with accurate turnkey installation pricing under the most convenient of circumstances to you.


TOP HVAC Service Co.

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Times are changing, and we continue to develop technology and tools to keep leading the industry in sales and service for standby generators. Our customers’ needs continue to evolve, and we’ve listened! We value our customers’ time. Depending on the time and effort you’d like to put into the process and for those clients who would prefer to save a little money and expedite the quoting and installation process without even having a site visit. As well as receive a possible firm turnkey generator installation quote and have the order of your new generator.

We have provided Two Great Options for you to choose from:

“Not quite sure if purchasing a generator is right for me or I’m just educating myself about standby generators and would like a rough estimate. I’m not really ready for an on site visit yet. Please let me know what I should expected if I choose the Self Performed Survey with an optional scheduled Virtual Consultation?”

  • No site visit required.
  • Complete the survey questionnaire 48 hours prior to our appointment.
  • Takes about 5 to 10 pictures.
  • HOA contact information if there is one.
  • Scheduled time for Zoom Virtual Meeting.
  • At the time of virtual consultation please have the decision maker/makers available for the meeting.
  • Receive a clarifying call from one of our professional generator specialist.
  • Expect to receive a proposal review with a rough estimate for installation.

“I’m ready to purchase a standby generator and after researching my options I’m not sure which is best for me. But I love the idea of having someone meet with me at the convenience of my home. I would like to meet with a Generator Sales Specialist. Please let me know what I should expect if I choose the Complete Site Survey In-Home Consultation?”

  • In-person site assessment/consultation visit required
  • Visit typically are from 45 mins to 1hr.
  • Complete the survey questionnaire 48 hours prior to our appointment.
  • At the time of consultation please have the decision-maker/makers available for the meeting.
  • Make your home accessible for the Generator Sales Specialist to take adequate pictures.
  • Expect to receive a proposal review for installation. (Included with a sizing report and Load
  • Our goal is to make you feel comfortable with your decision on your new purchase.

With either chose. We look forward to being of service to you, and to answering all of your concerns.

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