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Indoor Air Quality Services In Carrollton, TX

Indoor Air Quality Services In Carrollton, Frisco, Little Elm, TX And Surrounding Areas​

When homeowners think of air pollution, they think about the air outside, not the homes they have creating for their families. Unfortunately, testing shows that the air inside a typical home can be many times polluted than the air outsides. As cases of asthma and other respiratory ailments increase, indoor air quality has become a major health concern. For some people, the respiratory effects of pollution and allergens are immediate, but eh long-term health damage caused by regular exposure to dirty air can be varied and may not show up for years. Because of this, we believe clean air should be a priority for every family. So put your health first with the help of our air quality professionals here at TOP HVAC.

Poor Indoor Air Quality

From radon and carbon monoxide to off-gassing from furniture and carpets to grease and cooking particulates, there is a long list of possible sources of indoor air pollution. Add in pollen, pet dander, fireplace smoke, household cleaners, personal hygiene products and air fresheners, and the list of potential irritants becomes overwhelming. Stricter construction standards meant to promote energy efficiency have the added effect of reducing fresh air into the home. Fortunately, there are ways to make the air in your home safer to breathe. We look at everything like it’s our own house and determine what is best solution or equipment for the problem. We provide quality work with value that you can trust. We can recommend products and solutions to meet your needs as they work behind scenes and integrate with your new or existing HVAC equipment.

High Humidity adds to Discomfort

When summer temperatures hit their peck, it always feels hotter than what the thermometer shows. When the thermometer shows that it’s 90 degrees, it can actually have a ‘feels like’ temperature of well over 100 degrees. The ‘feels like’ temperature is due to high humidity. You can reduce that high humidity situation and feel more comfortable in your home with a whole house dehumidifier that is installed within your current HVAC system. With lower humidity in your home, you will feel more comfortable and may even raided your thermostat a few degrees as a result.

Air Quality Products

  • Duct cleaning, repair and sealing
  • Air cleanser and air purifiers
  • Premium air filters to capture airborne allergens
  • Air humidifiers and whole-house dehumidifiers
  • Reducing indoor air pollution through daily lifestyle choices

Indoor Air Quality Services - Servicing the Carrollton, Frisco, Little Elm, TX And Surrounding Areas​

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